Do you have to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender to belong to GALA?

No. Our membership community is made up of gay, lesbian and bisexual and transgendered persons, as well as their parents, children, siblings, ex-spouses, spouses, friends, and pastors. All are welcome. If you are interested in becoming a member of GALA, please see our Membership page.

Do you have to be a member of Community of Christ to belong to GALA?

No. Although most of our membership have some sort of connection to the Community of Christ, you need not be a member of the Community of Christ denomination to be a member of GALA.

Is GALA affiliated with Community of Christ?

Most of our membership have some sort of connection to the Community of Christ, however, GALA is not sponsored by the Community of Christ.

What is the purpose of GALA?

GALA is an organization that welcomes persons of all sexual orientations and gender identifications, and their loved ones to join together and experience spiritual growth as they share sorrow and joy. We publish a newsletter; offer regional retreats and workshops; are representatives at Community of Christ jurisdictional and World Church gatherings; and sponsor an annual international retreat. We feel we are on a journey of spiritual growth that has brought us to the point of confronting issues of acceptance, prejudice, and justice for all persons alienated by society and organized religions, particularly people of different sexual (affectionate) orientations. Together, we continue to learn, share, and expand our understanding of the world and Christ's love for each one of us.

What is GALA's position on same-sex marriage?

GALA does not have an official position on same-sex marriage. There is a wide range of opinion among our membership and there are many interpretations of what is meant by "same-sex marriage". In general, the majority of GALA members would support the concepts of commitment, sacrament and fairness that are central to the current debate on gay marriage.

GALA recognizes as "family", households of two opposite gender partners, two same gender partners and single households. There are many same-sex families who are members of GALA. Some of our GALA members have been together for many years. Although their relationships are not recognized is all areas, they are active in their churches and communities; exactly as their heterosexual married counterparts. GALA encourages and supports all sacramental relationships.