Weddings in New York

It was an emotional day for all.  I was privileged to attend the wedding in Buffalo on Monday of 2 (Nate and Clyde, and Sharon and Nancy - Clarence congregation) wedding ceremonies in mass plus another couple who are friends of the church, Diane and Kandy.

It rained.  One of the sons of another gay couple said " these were God's tears because of the joy heaven felt that day!"  Forty-six couples participated in mass ceremony overlooking the Rainbow (American) Falls in Niagara.  The mayor, a City of Niagara Falls Councilwoman, and two (2) ministers (UCC and UU) performed the religious portion of the event.  It was truly an emotional and uplifting day.  Sharon and Nancy have been together 21 years and thought they'd never see this day. Another male couple have been together for 29 years.  They wanted to show their commitment, even though their marriage may not equal their relationship in years.  These things are what drove this ceremony.

Ten protesters showed...sang a hymn, had prayer and left.  Most of the over 200 present were not even aware of their presence.

What I was mostly impressed with was the decorum of the participants.  Certainly the dress could have been outrageous...the mood outlandish.  It wasn't .  It was everyday people wanting to share in the culture of marriage just like everyone else.  It was solemn, emotional and...a sacred moment.

There was also a sad note.  It wasn't performed by a member of the Community to which these 3 couples belong.  Several of us had wanted to perform the ceremony, but the the participants wanted this a day of joy...and not a day of uncertainly and punishment.  The sacred part took place the day before as Sharon and Nancy had a picnic at their house, and Evangelist Nancy Cervi blessed the rings of each and also the hands that would support each other in this life together.

All 3 of our families made the front page of the Buffalo newspaper, many local stations, Yahoo, Reuters, and CNN.  Pictures can be seen on the site.   

We rejoice in this momentous, sacred event and long for the day when we can freely share in this experience!

David Howard