How to Become an Affiliate

GALA has adopted guidelines for local groups who would like to become official affiliates. This is a wonderful opportunity to share in your local area with other GALA members who are interested in furthering the aims and goals of the organization.

The requirements have been kept to a minimum in order to encourage participation by local groups. These are:

  1. Have a minimum of five (5) local members who are members of GALA.
  2. Appoint a person as the affiliate liaison.
  3. Request affiliation in a written statement by completing the affiliate application and mailing to GALA headquarters.

Click here for theĀ  complete adopted guidelines.

Among the benefits of sponsoring a local GALA affiliate will be the fun and fellowship from associating together, working to support the broader aims of the parent organization, and the opportunity to sponsor local gatherings for building community and support for the local members. (Affiliates may apply for seed money to help sponsor local events. Click here for the seed money application.)

Questions? Email President Erin Cavanaugh at