Journey to the 2013 US National Conference

USA National Conference Date Change

The date for the United States National Conference has been changed from July 2012 to April 19-21, 2013, for a variety of reasons. This is the Conference that will decide how much progress on the journey towards inclusion the U.S. church is willing to take. While there are valid reasons for this change, it is another delay in the progress toward inclusion.

Conference overview
Letter on the purpose of the Conference
Suggestions on how to prepare

Rio Grande Mission Center Reunion

I wanted to let you guys know that I attended the Rio Grande Mission Center Reunion and participated in the 'Discernment' sessions explaining the context of the scriptures often used to condemn glbt relationships.  Mark Euritt conducted the sessions in a sensitive and caring manner that everyone in the class seemed to appreciate.

The class sparked much discussion, but the overall atmosphere was fairly calm and without rancor (unlike previous discussions on the subject).  For once I actually enjoyed the discussion rather than feeling like I was put on the spot.  I saw many people taking notes while watching the videos--people who are not known for being 'scholarly' and accustomed to taking notes.  The overall reaction from everyone in the class was that they had learned concepts and ideas with which they were previously unfamiliar. I hope others across the country has a similar positive experience with the discernment sessions at other respective reunions.    Hope to see some of you soon.

Ellen Frye