2010 World Conference Resolution

G-23 Common Consent for Not Ordaining Homosexuals
From the Central America Mission Center

Whereas, The church is to be faithful to the demands of the gospel, going beyond the boundaries of certainty to explore its implications in a complex world; and

Whereas, God’s people are called to live together in love and to embrace the rich diversity of our global family; and

Whereas, The body of Christ will always be challenged to seek unity within the body and to increase in understanding; and

Whereas, Since its beginning, the church has never permitted the calling and ordination of persons involved in sexual relationships with persons of the same sex; and

Whereas, The World Church Leadership Council declared in 2002 that the church would not make exceptions to the 1982 guidelines on calling and ordination unless those guidelines be first adjusted through the common consent of the people; therefore, be it

Resolved, That this 2010 World Conference indicates through common consent support for continuing the policy of not permitting the ordination of homosexuals involved in a sexual relationship with another person of the same sex.