2010 World Conference Resolution

G-19 Referring Matters of Ordination
From the Kenya Mission Centre

Whereas, Community of Christ has been counseled in Doctrine and Covenants 162:5c to “Listen together to one another, without judgment or predisposition” and to not assume that the answers to matters of conflict have yet been perceived as there is much labor to be done with a need to reason together in love and that the Spirit of truth will prevail; and

Whereas, Further counsel has been given in Doctrine and Covenants 163: 11b that “There are many issues that could easily consume the time and energy of the church. However, the challenge before a prophetic people is to discern and pursue what matters most for the journey ahead;” and 

Whereas, An important part of being Community of Christ, a true worldwide community, is learning to talk about divisive issues without division through a process that incorporates healthy decision making and common consent that is seen, regardless of the outcome, as fair by those who have different views; and

Whereas, As a worldwide community we are always confronted with challenges such as poverty, HIV/AIDS, homelessness, orphans and vulnerable children, social injustice, and issues related to human sexuality, etc.; and, on such important matters, a spirit of trust should prevail in order to avoid situations where one side is closed to the other’s situation or point of view, making it difficult, if not impossible, to hold meaningful discussion; and

Whereas, In some states and nations the law of the land needs to be considered in these discussions so that inappropriate decisions do not adversely impact the mission of the church and put at risk the well-being of the church’s ministers in those areas; and

Whereas, As an Enduring Principle, Community of Christ affirms the worth of all persons, understanding that God views all people as having inestimable and equal worth wanting them to experience wholeness of body, mind, spirit, and relationships; challenging unjust systems that diminish human worth; and joining with Jesus Christ in bringing good news to the poor, sick, captive, and oppressed; therefore, be it

Resolved, That Community of Christ members and ministers work with communities to affirm homosexual persons as no less than heterosexual persons as individuals of sacred worth and continue their support for the rights and liberties of homosexual persons as an issue of justice; and be it further

Resolved, That all the legislation to the 2010 World Conference pertaining to matters of ordination of homosexual persons be referred to the First Presidency for consideration, looking for the means by which these matters could be considered more fully in a culturally contextual manner by the mission centers of the church rather than the World Conference determining a universal stance for the entire church.