2010 World Conference Resolution

G-18 Blessing of Committed Relationships
From the Pacific Islands Mission Centre

Whereas, The mission of Community of Christ is to proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love, and peace; and

Whereas, The ministry of Jesus Christ is promised to all persons and each person is recognized as a child of God; and

Whereas, “Jesus Christ, the embodiment of God’s shalom, invites all people to come and receive divine peace in the midst of the difficult questions and struggles of life” (Doctrine and Covenants 163:2a); and

Whereas, There are committed relationships throughout the world through civil or common law unions due to local law, convenience, and economic reasons; and

Whereas, The church can honor these committed relationships by allowing them to be blessed by the church; therefore, be it

Resolved, That we recommend that the First Presidency authorize any priesthood member to perform culturally appropriate blessings in which any two adults may promise their exclusive commitment to each other before God and their community and receive the blessing of God through the church.