2010 World Conference Resolution

G-14 Legal Marriage and the Sacrament of Marriage
From the Southern California USA Mission Center

Whereas, Community of Christ is an international denomination providing ministry in diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds around the world; and

Whereas, Marriage customs, traditions, and legal requirements vary throughout the world; and

Whereas, Marriage is a legal contract (marriage license) between the couple and the government which imparts to other parties certain prescribed rights and duties that are generally enforceable in various states and nations of the world, such as property rights, inheritance, and kinship; and

Whereas, The sacrament of marriage is a sacred covenant between a couple and God in which the church participates with sanction, blessing, support, and guidance; and

Whereas, In some locations the minister acts as both an agent of the government as well as a representative of the church, while in other locations a separate civil government agent must also be involved; and

Whereas, The sacrament of marriage institutes a sacred covenant between two persons seeking to make a lifelong committed relationship; therefore, be it

Resolved, In jurisdictions where such is permissible by local law, that appropriate Community of Christ priesthood be authorized to perform the sacrament of marriage for two consenting individuals seeking to enter into a sacred covenant before God in a long-term monogamous committed relationship.