2004 World Conference Resolution

G-10 Policy on Ministry to Homosexuals From Alabama District

Whereas, The Standing High Council issued the following statement, dated March 18, 1982, regarding homosexuality:

  1. The church recognizes that there is a difference between homosexual orientation and homosexual activity (defined as sexual acts between persons of the same sex). The former is accepted as a condition over which a person may have little or no control; the latter is considered immoral and cannot be condoned by the church.
  2. The church affirms that Christian marriage is a sacred covenant relationship, ordained of God between a man and a woman. The sacrament of marriage has a long theological and ecclesiastical history, and the symbolism is exclusively heterosexual. Homosexual unions are not and should not be considered marriages in the sacramental sense.
  3. The church affirms the worth of all persons. Homosexuals as well as heterosexuals are children of God and have full claim upon the acceptance and reconciling ministry and care of the church. That is, individuals with a homosexual orientation who refrain from homosexual acts should be fully accepted into the ongoing life of the congregation. Those persons who engage in homosexual acts should be dealt with in terms of redemptive ministry and/or church law procedures in the same way as those who engage in heterosexual acts outside of marriage.
  4. In the critical matter of ordination, the church should not admit a practicing homosexual to the priesthood. It cannot sanction homosexual acts as morally acceptable behavior any more than it can endorse heterosexual promiscuity. If a member of the priesthood admits to, or is found to be engaged in homosexual behavior, the administrative officer having jurisdiction should institute procedures for silencing according to church law.
  5. There will be instances in which those in leadership positions will become aware of individuals who are non-practicing homosexuals and who are seeking help in the area of sublimating their sexual impulses. For such persons, the possibility and opportunity for ordination should be kept open [excerpted from Standing High Council Statement March 18, 1982]; and


Whereas, This statement affirms the worth of all persons and also requires the full acceptance of individuals with homosexual orientation into the life of the church; and

Whereas, The statement recognizes that marriage is a sacred covenant ordained of God between a man and woman and that this has a long theological and ecclesiastical history; and

Whereas, This statement recognizes that both heterosexual and homosexual persons, both priesthood and among the general membership, are called to adhere to high moral standards regarding sexual activity; and

Whereas, This statement allows for individuals who define themselves as homosexual and are nonpracticing (abstaining from homosexual acts) an opportunity for God's call to ordination; therefore be it

Resolved, That the Community of Christ adopt the March 18, 1982, Standing High Council Statement on Homosexuality as official law of the church.