2002 World Conference Resolution

G-7 Homosexuality From British Columbia District

Whereas, Homosexuals have historically represented a statistically significant portion of the world's populations and homosexuality continues to be a fact of life for many; and

Whereas, The church has declared itself to be an inclusive, nondiscriminatory community where all can seek acceptance and equality and have the expectation of just and fair treatment as well as the opportunity of full participation; and

Whereas, The church's current policy toward homosexuality and homosexuals is outdated and potentially discriminatory; and

Whereas, The church is called to minister to and engage in the ministry of a diversity of persons, cultures, and lifestyles, without regard to race, color, gender, or sexual orientation; and

Whereas, The process of democratic approval of priesthood calls allows for cultural diversity on this issue to be respected; therefore be it

Resolved, That the church set aside the document on homosexuality dated March 1982 and adopt a policy, either written or unwritten, that will permit the full participation of homosexual persons in the life of the church, including, without limitation, the option to join same-sex couples in marriage where local laws permit, and to ordain homosexual persons who give evidence of living a moral lifestyle under the same criteria applied to heterosexuals and who are living or committed to live in monogamous, long-term relationships.